Pro-Am Steel


ENPS Pro-Am Steel is a high-speed, challenging match devised of all falling steel targets. It can be fun for seasoned shooters and newer shooters alike. Targets are arranged in many challenging ways that require competitors to really think about how they will execute their plan to knock down the most plates!


Competitors navigate the course of fire utilizing safe firearms handling per USPSA Safety Rues while moving and reloading. Competitors will benefit from walking through the stages to figure out what order they want to engage their targets.  ALL shooters in ALL divisions are restricted to having 10 rounds in each magazine (like USPSA Production for example).


ENPS Pro-Am Steel is a unique match concept, with a super simple scoring system! Official “par times” are set on each stage of fire to establish a time limit during which each competitor attempts to knock down steel, from the audible start time beep to the audible final beep. The shooter’s score is the number of steel targets knocked down in the par time. Penalties can be added for misses, foot faults, shots over par time, etc (details in ENPS Pro-Am Rules).


Competitors shoot in three different divisions: Open, Limited, and Pistol Caliber Carbine. The divisions follow the USPSA rules as far as equipment is concerned.  There is no placement restriction on holsters or magazine placement on the belt.  See ENPS Pro-Am Rules